In the Guild of Cerberus

Temple of Illusions: Crystal Skulls or Arcane Shard
Arcana, Arcane, Dragonshard, Demonshard, Lost Temple, Skulls, Magic, Demons, Undead

The temple of illusions, arcane shard, crystal skulls, and blindness were the themes of our investigation.

An Awakened Demon that protects the arcane shard proved more powerful than ever expected. I barely got out in time. That damned demon evaded half of my arrow strikes. In Sehanine’s name, where am I? Everything is so foreign… Asuka, our Warlord closed the door by putting the Arcane shard back in its place. Eric was going to sacrifice himself for the group. All he wanted was us to come back with help. Eric called for Vengeance, the demon needs to be defeated in Eric’s name. Asuka took his place with a flash of power and magic. The door closed and somehow Asuka telports through the Temple’s front door and rendered unconscious.

Right now, I am watching over the group. Eric is resting holding Asuka’s head on his crossed legs and her hair in his left hand. Eric cares for her deeply, I can tell in the way he treats Asuka. Her hand is so tiny compared to his. Eric has her hand in his gigantic right hand.

The Frontier: Before Our Final Battle
Frontier, Final, Battle, Narash, Gar, Cult

After a quick battle w/ some large zombies, we took 5 minutes of rest. We caught our breath and tended to our wounds. We were trapped in a room with burned corpses and began a desperate look around. We double backed into the hallway with the History of the temple carved into the walls. I was curious as to one that seemed to glow. I carefully approached the shimmering rune. I noticed the glow was not the runes, but from a hallway light shining through. I called over Alice and had her to detect magic; my guts said there was another magical trap. With the help of Alice and my trusty thieves tools, we were able to disarm the trap.

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