A young Dragonborn seek revenge for the death of her Family


Akira was born on the Born on the Great Plains of Z’well to the Nomadic Thuel Tribe. A natural runner I became a Dark Leg Runner a member of the information and item transporters that are involved in trade and communication with other tribes when returning to the route the clan takes I came to find that my people had been either slaughtered or captured and with further information gathering enslaved by what appeared to be a ruthless Fire Giant tribe. Driven off and starving for revenge I search for people to aid me and the power to free my people and get the revenge I seek. With my passion for destruction of these slavers I have caught the attention of the Raven Queen who seeks to recruit me as a scion of Death and marked me with my black eyes.
Currently not in the same plane of existence Akira seeks to build power still and burns to find a way to go home and save her family.

Wish list:
Marauders Earthhide +3 Armor
Horned Helm (paragon)


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